The endless Game

thick and permiatimg
the pattern replays itself
singing it’s lullaby to me
drawing me closer filling my mind
just like animals
I follow the course set out by nature
there’s no changing this
there’s no exceptions
we all replay what we’ve been told, elaborated tubes we are
I’m a pawn in this eternal game
my endless urge to break free of this course is my eternal curse
to break free, to comprehend things that are beyond me.
to open my eyes
that is impossible for me


Broken glass scar my skin.                    Still i don’t feel. I’m as indifferent as you can be. The sting gives me glee. I feel kingly. I refuse to conform. I breaking free, free of all these, lose myself into my art, my form of expression,i have no idea how I got bound, how I willingly chained myself, realising is a step, breaking free another
     Iono what’s wrong I seem to have lost myself trying to be what I’m not and killing what I really am, forgive me I don’t understand either.

To My Girls!!!

Shout out to my girls
who embrace their weirdness
who are unique and different
who say what they want
and do what they want

Shout out to the ladies
with their assertiveness
who are not bent
who have been burnt
and can deal with being burnt

Shout out to my cuties
who are cooler than ice
who make you smile
who are not scared but make you scared

Shout out to the dames
who are insanely nice
who would run for you a mile
who never cared
but will make you wish you cared

Shout out to the belles
who are full of talent
who don’t back down from a fight
who are so fierce and strong
and not afraid to be strong

Shout out to my Omolewas
who say no to the gents
who make you cower at sight
who are not afraid to chant a song
that they sing for long

Amakas thanks for being beautiful and for inspiring me.

Author’s Note
For those of you who are not Nigerian or do not speak French; belles, Omolewas and Amakas all mean beautiful women in French, Yoruba and Igbo. You see what I did with the rhyme scheme. Pls comment but no harsh comments and for the picture,imagine any female you look up to even if it’s yourself. Feel free to share the pictures.

Loss of mine

Loss of mine 

You say you don’t get me

I’ve lost my fine

Maybe that’s more than I want you to see

Lost my time

Lost my rhyme

Lost my mind

What a loss of mine

Hmmmm. This crazed boy’s back

I’d no longer hide it

I’d rather lose it 

Low moments contributing to my slow movements.

Let the show commence😈

Tears black

Noting really gets me anymore
All these guys going up for more
Tell me what’s the point on going up to fall
Crawling in the dark banging on the door
I guess you belong to the floor
That where you notice all your flaws.
That’s when you get up and open the door with your eye
Draw the attention of on looking eyes
Looking for somehow spectacular to make their hunger die
No more need to cry.
Dreams of a boy.

The world

What a world
What a confused world
Where all strive to be honored
And many others achieve it through foul ways, Not concerned about the odour
A world where people try to find meaning and purpose
A world where some delight in violence and others find happiness in peace
A world where some are satisfied with what they have and other want more
What a world the earth, filled with billions of humans and zillions of animals each one seperate from the others and this has been established since the start of time
The world full of superior animals always hungry for something
While some hunger for violence others hunger for peace
Some hunger for comfort for themselves others hunger to comfort others rather than themselves
A world where some are as curious as an animal exposed to human life
And others are just placid
On this earth in this world
What is our purpose what are we doing here
We are born as champions of a race just to start another race
We race all to the graves trying as much as possible to acquire all that we can either wisdom or material objects but we forget the most important thing our possessions don’t follow us to the graves
What do I hunger for?
Perhaps I hunger for justice?
hunger for wisdom?
No above all that I hunger for my Savior
Now I ask you do you know what you hunger for
If so what do you hunger for.


Oh Freak!! You asking me

What the what you asking me the ride’s been long and I think we getting drunk

But how can you be asking me             is it over?     how can you be asking me     anyways this is the end.  I wanna get high on paint cause all this peepz keep disappointing and they gon hate be I ain’t scared I ain’t freaked if you wanna go just go get our the door

So cold you burn , so hot you freeze  got no idea how your beauty teases  freak what the what I think I’m freaking.

So all world be reasoning how they gon add seasoning to our lives our existence but the truth is do we really exist or we sharing the same mind influence by time situation and circumstances

The truth is I wanna love you all but how can I do that in a world where friends fall and friends fail friends so frail you think they always need a rail, friends so fake

My mind



Woah wow

Hello everyone this is Ire wow

So it’s been six months since I started and I just don’t know what to say than thank you all thank you very much for your support, comments, likes and subscription just want y’all to know how important you are to us. Thank you

Seriously who else sees it as if I won an award or am resigning or so but it’s the opposite

Am back to satisfy your hunger



Everyone has friends
But him
Just standing by the sidelines
He’s kinda like me sometimes
Oh! Maybe he has a friend?
Does he? I don’t know
I am just watching
He is unnoticed
He is leaving
No one will notice but me
He is so quiet
I am sure how  doesn’t notice me
or maybe he does
It’s hard to read him
buh whoever said it’ll be easy
He left and i didn’t even get his name
but I know, I got him.

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